Whiz Laboratories Pvt Ltd. is a Cosmeceutical and Nutraceutical company, aiming to lead to society towards better health by manufacturing high quality products. The company relies on high quality research carried out by experts and refined professionals.

Whiz Laboratories has managed to establish its name in the society in a very short span of time and happens to be a prominent name in the area of Cosmeceutical and Nutraceutical product manufacturing. Therefore, the company is regarded as a state of the art organization, having a strong scientific and economic standing in the society.

packings of pills and capsules of medicines on white background


The two main departments of Whiz laboratories include the cosmeceutical and nutraceutical which are together aimed at building a healthy society.

Being a company that links directly with the health of the populations and the environment, the quality assurance department of Whiz Laboratories is a tightly regulated department with highly qualified individuals working as a strong team.

Without the support of the administration and the constant hard work of the admin, the company could ever have stood tall. The management of the company policies and the hiring process makes the administration the backbone of the company.

The quality control department of Whiz Laboratories comprises of a highly experienced staff, well trained officers and a unit comprising of sophisticated equipment and methods for testing the materials and assuring the quality of the final products.

Whiz Laboratories truly believes in its people and the Human Resource Department ensures that the best and the most highly qualified people are constantly inducted in the company to ensure its success.

Whiz Laboratories relies heavily on its Research and Development department and has therefore developed a state of the art R & D program.

Production of the most high quality products is our signature. Here in whiz Laboratories, we strive to produce the most reliable healthcare products.


Whiz laboratories is comprised of dedicated individuals and zealous experts who strive to make a difference in the society. Being an organization relying on the development of cosmeceutical and nutraceutical we are faced with the challenge to bring a positive changes in the market so as to build a healthier society. We work hard to ensure that all of our products are high in quality and meet the required safety standard. This requires a lot of expertise and round the clock efforts from the entire team. I am pleased to say that we have the most amazing teams here at Whiz Laboratories for dealing with the different areas of work being done here.

Malik Nadeem Younas