Whiz Laboratories could not have been what it is today without its dedicated team. We truly believe in our people and rely on them for making a difference. Working hard to achieve the goals of the company is something that our employees do on a regular basis. Without their sincere hard work and dedication, the success of the company cannot be imagined.

The team comprises of around a 1000 individuals from across Pakistan. These individuals are selected through a tough screening and scrutiny process. Once part of the team, each individual is trained according to their need and potentials. People with diverse backgrounds and varying knowledge and skills helpful in ensuring that the company remains to stay strong in the market and continues to produce high-quality products.


The administration is the backbone of the company. The administration looks after all the affairs related to hiring and recruitment of the employees. Deciding the pay scale and the increments is also a task entrusted to the administration.


The quality assurance department of Whiz Laboratories is extremely active and works to ensure that each of the products are high in quality. The standards set for the products are determined as per the research findings and the international product policies.

One of the most important thing to note about Whiz Laboratories is that it has an extensive regulatory network and concrete policies when it comes to quality assurance. Some of the key tasks which are entrusted upon the quality assurance department include.

Quality Assurance Objectives

To assure high quality production by in process sampling, inspection and testing throughout the process.

To assure and maintain consistent quality production by in process sampling, inspection and testing throughout the process.

To conduct a post-marketing surveillance by assigning duties to medical representatives to send samples of their respective areas

To ensure that SOPs are properly followed.

To conduct training of all quality assurance staff to achieve quality objectives.

To ensure that the products are meeting all the required standards /specifications during all the manufacturing and packing processes.


Whiz Laboratories takes quality control very seriously and has hence gathered a team of highly skilled professionals to deal with quality control. The most recent and sophisticated devices and test kits are used for carrying out all the necessary tests on the products. Such an up to date approach helps the company in ensuring that all of its goals regarding the production of high-quality products are efficiently met.

The products are testing on a routine basis and samples from each of the batch are stored for maintaining a record regarding the standards of each of the products. This helps in ensuring the quality of products and also in having a reference in store for providing proof of the quality control whenever needed. These samples are kept in storage for up to a year in order to test the shelf life of the product and to determine the best of quality being produced.


Research and development are the major bricks which keep the walls of Whiz Laboratories steady. It is only through thorough research that we reach the decisions about the types of products that should be produced in our company. The need of innovative products and the proper procedures for producing those products are identified through research and  development. The RD unit of Whiz Laboratories is therefore very much advanced.

The Research and Development (R&D) function is concerned with developing new products or processes and improving existing ones. R&D is closely coordinated with the organizations marketing activities to ensure that the organization is providing exactly what its customers want in the most efficient, effective and economical way.

Accelerated and real-time stability studies of products are performed to observe the environmental impact on the formulations.

Regulatory documents are prepared for domestic and export purposes to meet different international requirements.


Whiz Laboratories is dedicated to producing high-quality medicines and nutraceutical products for meeting the needs and demands of the public. State of the art equipment and thorough expertise are compiled at Whiz Laboratories to ensure that the most appropriate products are produced. The aim is to develop such products which are high in purity and quality. The goal of the company is not only to produce high-quality products but to improve the standards on a regular basis.
Our goal is to gather the knowledge of science and human nature in order to come up with products which can be used to enhance the health and well-being of society. It is with great efforts that our team has managed to develop a strong unit and Whiz laboratories has become a common household name in the society.

Microbiology laboratory is the vital part of Cosmeceutical and Nutraceutical industry in the modern era. Testing of Liquid, Semisolid dosage forms as per standard procedures is inevitable so that contamination-free products to be supplied to the end user. In Whiz Laboratories, we have a well-furnished micro laboratory with highly skilled professionals duly equipped with state of the art instruments for the various microbiological testing, Area monitoring, water testing.