The administration is the backbone of the company. The administration looks after all the affairs related to hiring and recruitment of the employees. Deciding the pay scale and the increments is also a task entrusted to the administration.

Company Quality plan

The company has a high deal of commitment towards quality and this can be observed through the efficient management.The development and implementation of high quality products comes by keeping the management system intact and committed. This commitment can be displayed in the following ways:

A) The effectiveness of the management can be improved by means of enhancing the communication skills in the organization at all levels. This includes training of the staff to deal with the lower level employees, investors and the customers.Some of the means through which communication is carried across the company include:

  • Statement and policies regarding quality
  • Memos and Letters
  • Direct communication through meetings and reviews
  • Showing a keen interest in the needs and choices of the customers
  • Giving priority to the fulfilment of the regulatory requirements.


B) Establishing a concrete policy regarding quality
C) Clearly marking the objectives for maintenance of quality and ensuring that the policies and protocols are followed at all levels within the company.
D) Regularly carrying out management reviews to keep a check on the quality of products and  performance of the employees.
E) To keep the required supplies available in order to ensure quality work.

The ultimate goal of the company is to ensure that the customers are satisfied with the company and its products. Ensuring that the customers have a good experience and continue to buy products from the company, we put our maximum efforts in reaching high levels of customer satisfaction. Loyal customers are the key to our continued success.

Whiz Laboratories completely believes in going forward as a company on the basis of good customer care. Therefore the following features have been embedded as our core principles when dealing with customers:

  • Politeness
  • Rapid delivery and high quality of packaging
  • Quick response time
  • 24/7 customer care services
  • High product life

There is absolutely no chance of compromise on quality at Whiz Laboratories. The management ensures that the core policies include strict regulations on quality. Some of the key  features of our quality policy include:

  • The product is appropriate for use and the purpose of the product is clearly explained.
  • The team is dedicated to comply with the quality assurance and works to ensure that each of the products is tested for quality assurance.
  • The policy provides a clear framework for establishing ground rules and enhancing the policies in the future.
  • The policy is regularly communicated to the entire organization and the staff receives regular training on quality assurance.


The quality policy happens to be the basis of all operations and productions carried out at Whiz Laboratories. The heads of each of the different divisions across the company work hard to ensure that the policy is clear to each and every individual present in the company. An annual review and upgrading of the quality policy occurs in order to ensure that the policy does not become outdated. Regular  reviews of the performance of each of the employees is also conducted to establish a habit of working to produce high quality products.

The management of Whiz Laboratories has managed to formulate quality objectives. These objectives impart the necessary requirements for maintaining the standards throughout the company. It is not only the final products but also each step along the way has to be done in a manner which speaks of high quality. The objectives of maintaining quality are the core objectives of the work flow being followed at Whiz Laboratories.

The quality objectives are regularly updated and communicated to the entire network across the company. This helps in maintaining the standards and ensuring that the employees strive to follow the policies and help the company in achieving all its goals.