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Hair Health Tips

Impacts of hair styling tools and on hair breakage(updated 2024)

Girl is styling a hair

Hair breakage happens due to hair damage, and causes of hair damage include hot styling tools like flat irons, blow dryers, and curling tools. Hair breakage doesn’t happen suddenly; it takes damage first. You can damage your hair by constantly having too much stress or due to improper diet. Hair damage from styling tools is preventable, and wear due to stress and improper diet is also preventable, but it takes some time. In this article, you will learn more about preventing hair breakage, how it affects your looks, its causes, and, at last, prevention and treatment.

Hair damage 

Almost everything in your body comprises protein, including hair, bones, and nails. Hair is mainly made up of the protein keratin. Keratin is waterproof, meaning that it doesn’t dissolve in water. Too much heat can break the protein bonds that give it its structure. Too much heat can turn α-Keratin into β-keratin, making your hair look rough.

Improper diet can also weaken your hair, and you can get hair damage easily even if you use hair styling tools occasionally. If you have a diet that doesn’t include proper proteins like Keratin that are required for people’s hair growth or lack an essential vitamin like Vitamin B, also known as Biotin, your hair will be weaker and take damage easily.


Girl is facing a hair damage problem

If you think you have hair damage, there are certain things you can look out for physically, and if you see some changes, that can be due to problems in your body, like an improper diet. Detecting hair damage as soon as possible is necessary to avoid further damage and start treating the injury you have already taken. Additionally, it takes a bit longer for your hair to recover fully.

Double Edges

When hair becomes weakened, it splits from the ends into two. This only happens when your hair structure is damaged enough that it cannot keep its structural integrity and splits in two. Looking in the mirror, your hair looks dry and dull. When you inspect closely, you can see the splits. This kind of hair damage due to styling tools is usually hard to treat, and you might need to cut the edges to make your hair look and feel better.


Weakened hair cannot take the daily stress; it usually starts to lose its color. You might have noticed that even without using hair color, the top of your hair starts to change color and lose its shine. In short, your hair looks dull and too thin to touch.

Easily break

If your hair breaks in two from the middle or anywhere other than the root, they have taken a lot of damage. Damaged hair loses its flexibility, and when you even touch it, the stress is enough to break it apart; handle it with care to prevent hair breakage.

Increased fuzz

If your hair looks like a bush or wool on a sheep and you wonder what this condition is, you are not alone, and you probably already know about it; you have fuzzy hair. Weakened hair easily splits and has double edges that make your hair look even murkier. This type of hair damage from styling tools can usually be treated using shampoos with specific properties.

Tools that damage your hair

Many things damage your hair, like sprays, drugs, certain shampoos, lack of proper care, and hot tools. Here we will look at hair damage due to styling tools that almost everyone has nowadays. Hot hair styling tools are safe, but they have their drawbacks everybody should look at before making them a part of their routine. Here are some hair styling tools that damage your hair.

Flat iron

Straight hair tool damage girl hair

If you like straight hair that looks smooth a silky flat iron is a sure way to go. But using a flat iron every day will undoubtedly damage your hair. The damage builds over time, but you will likely accidentally harm your hair. Plus, the KeratinKeratin in your hair melts at higher temperatures. 

Curling tools

Curly hair gives more volume and depth to your hair. Curling your hair is the way to go to improve your looks instantly. Using curling tools too frequently can damage your hair like any tool that heats it to change its shape.  the process of curling can bend your hair too many times, compromising its structural integrity. 

Hot air blow dryer

The base of your scalp releases natural oils that usually give you greasy hair. But their purpose is to keep your hair from getting tangled up and help keep it moist. When you use an air blow dryer, it strips your hair of all those oils, and it also puts some tension on your hair. Using a hot air blow dryer damages your hair like every other tool that uses heat to treat your hair. The heat and strain can make your hair fuzzy by giving them double edges and making them thinner.

Treatment and Prevention

Hair takes a long time to grow, so it’s necessary to make sure that you notice any damage or changes as soon as possible to avoid further damage and treat it while it can be treated. If damage is extensive, you might need to shorten your hair by cutting the damaged edges and rough parts. Here are some things to take care of to avoid further damage and treat the damage that has already been done.

Consider using hot styling tools less frequently to avoid hair damage due to styling tools. Furthermore, if you have already taken the damage, avoid using chemical treatments or changing the color of your hair too often, which can also cause your hair to become thin and eventually break.


Your hair is mainly made of protein that heat can easily damage. Using hair styling that uses heat to shape your hair can damage your hair even if they are said to be safe. The immediate damage is neglectable, but over time, it builds up and makes your hair look horrible. Avoid daily use of Flat iron, curling tools, and hot air blow dryer; if you have already gotten some hair damage, find the real reason behind it and try to treat it. Hair takes much time to recover, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Can improper diet cause hair to break?

Lack of Biotin is associated with weak hairs. Plus, if you have a diet that lacks enough protein, your body might be unable to produce enough Keratin for your hair.

How to make dull hair shiny again?

Dull hair usually results due to a lack of proper moisturization. Consider using a shampoo that doesn’t remove all the natural oils in your hair. Use a conditioner with your shampoo to make them glossy and weigh them down.

How to treat fuzzy hair?

Use a shampoo rich in glycerin, avoid using a regular towel made of terry cloth, and use a microfiber towel. Plus, do not use a hot air dry blower. They might make your hair look like tangled threads.

Is damage due to styling tools treatable?

It depends upon the type of damage that you have; if your hair has double edges, it might not be possible to recover but to cut the edges. In some cases, it is treatable, but it usually takes some time to recover.

Should I stop using hair styling tools, to avoid damage due to styling tools?

It would be best if you researched the benefits and weighed the risks and damages. If you use them occasionally, your hair should be fine.

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