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Lip Care for Smokers: Effects and Treatment of Smoker’s Black Lips(Updated 2024)

a person holding a cigarette

Companies that manufacture cigarettes warn us that smoking harms health, but unfortunately, it is an essential part of fashion nowadays. People keep inhaling tobacco smoke despite awareness of its negative impacts. The most hazardous health problem that smoking can cause is cancer, while lip health is also affected by this habit. In this write-up, we will only discuss the effect of tobacco on lip health. Moreover, we will inform you about lip care for smokers, which is essential to follow to have a wrinkle-free face. If you also smoke, read our informative guide to keep your life light and safe.

A little about smoker’s black lips

Before we start discussing the effects of smoking on our lips and its effective treatment, it is crucial to know the looks of a smoker’s lips. How can we treat this skin tissue disorder when we cannot diagnose it properly? However, a smoker’s lips are known to have vertical wrinkles around the smoker’s mouth. Another symptom is hyperpigmentation, identified with the black spots around the lips.

Here, it is also essential to know that cigarettes or other smoking products start leaving their impacts on our lips with no concern of time. It means that a person’s lips can become the victim of smoking for years and even months. So, you will regret it if you wait for the symptoms to appear on your face. In the following passages, we will explain why smoking is not suitable for human health (impacts) and the solution to this problem.

Why a person should not smoke? 

a person holding cigarettes

When it comes to the impacts of inhaling tobacco into our bodies, the first and straightforward health problem that hits our minds is lips darkening and regular coughing. People do not quit smoking, imagining it is not a severe medical pain. At the same time, people ignore educating themselves about other diseases, like oral cancer and many others.

The two medical issues discussed here are modest to most severe, while we have a list of medical illnesses between them. Smoking tends to boost the skin aging process, which develops wrinkles; nicotine is responsible for it. Moreover, smoking reduces blood flow, causing melanin in the lips that darkens them.

Lip care for smokers

Let us touch on the primary topic of our blog, “lip care for smokers.” First, we need to realize that there are 2 types of smoker’s lips, “lip darkening” and “wrinkled lips,” and their treatment style do not relate to each other. So, we will look at them individually and respectively.

Lips darkening

close-up of a person's lips

First, we will talk about lip darkening, also known as “hyperpigmentation,” which is more common than the second. Many treatments exist to take lips back to their original hue, thanks to awareness. Move on to find the best solutions.


The first remedy is nothing other than exfoliation. We need to know that lip skin has a great sensitivity that requires a lot of care. A positive aspect of this management is the to-do-at-home facility. Buy a brand product to exfoliate your skin. At the same time, take some almond oil and mix coarse salt or sugar in it to create a mixture. Once the mixture is ready, massage it on the lips once a day. Repeating the same process for a week will help your lips restore their condition.

Lip mask

The use of masks has also shown a positive effect on skin health. All you have to do is apply a mask comprising lemon, lime juice, or turmeric. It will help more if you mix this mask with any vitamin oil, like E or A. Applying this mask once a day for 15 minutes will show magical results.

Laser treatment

a person getting a laser treatment on their face

Another solution for smoker’s lips here is to get laser treatment. This treatment is a bit costly but offers an instant result. For this process, the smokers must make an appointment with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.


Another type of smoker’s lips contains wrinkles around the mouth. These wrinkles may worsen if smokers consume alcohol, have a sleeping disorder, or have direct sun exposure. But thanks to the doctors, they also discovered a treatment for wrinkled lips, which we will discuss in the following passages.

Keep the facial organs hydrated

Dehydration is a common reason for wrinkles on the skin. That is why experts recommend drinking ample water or moisturizing the body’s outer layer. So, along with consuming the required amount of water, using an excellent product to moisturize the skin is also vital. Doing so once a day helps your body absorb UV rays without side effects.

Medicated injections

Another treatment for restoring lip health is getting injections to eliminate wrinkles. Various injections are a permanent part of the medicine universe for smokers’ lips, like Botox. These injections work to soothe the wrinkles and relax the muscles of the affected area.

Skin fillers

a person getting Botox injection

The availability of skin fillers on the market has also helped eradicate the symptoms of smoker’s lips. One of the quickest and most efficient ways to permanently minimize smoker’s lines is through an injection technique using fillers. Lip fillers smooth out wrinkles around the mouth and upper lip and plump the lips.

Final thoughts

People who smoke a lot are prone to different lip diseases ranging from mild to severe. At the same time, these people must realize that smoking is the best treatment to reduce the chances of getting affected. If quitting nicotine is impossible, our guide titled “lip care for smokers” is the best option for them to become aware of the effects and their solution. Betterment is in staying away and enjoying the wrinkle-free bright complexion.

How does smoking affect lip health?

Users are interested in learning about the specific effects of smoking on lip health, including issues like hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.

Which hormone makes lips dark?

Dark or black patches on the lips might indicate a hormonal imbalance. Spots or hyperpigmentation can appear on the body due to low or excessive thyroid hormone levels. Speak with a doctor to get a diagnosis and create a treatment plan.

Why do smoker’s lips catch the black color?

Smoking tobacco can increase the formation of melanin in the skin thanks to nicotine and benzpyrene. The lips could get darker as a result. It may develop gradually over time. Numerous more harmful effects of smoking on health exist.

Can anxiety result in black lips?

Smoking, stress, drugs, and medical issues can all cause lips to get darker. The fundamental cause should be addressed to fix the problem. Specific organic treatments make the lips more vibrant.

Do lip masks offer disadvantages?

If your skin around the lips is damaged or irritated, using a lip mask won’t help. It’s essential to check the lip mask before applying it, as not doing so could make your lips sore or, in severe cases, even cause swelling.

What are the best treatments for a smoker’s black lips?

There’s curiosity about effective treatments and remedies for smokers’ black lips, including exfoliation, lip masks, laser treatments, and more.

Is a single laser treatment enough to restore your lip skin color?

Single laser treatment might not fully restore lip skin color, as multiple sessions are often required for optimal results, especially for conditions like melisma or vitiligo. The type of laser used and the severity of the issue will also impact the effectiveness of the treatment.

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