Whiz Laboratories does not provide any kind of refunds. There is absolutely NO return policy. However, you can request for a replacement or exchange (depending on the type of product that you wish to exchange). We provide our customer care services on a 24 hour basis. Therefore, any issue encountered in any of our products should be reported within the first 24 hours of receiving the product. Once the initial time period has passed, the company holds no responsibility and is not liable to entertain your issues. In case of making an exchange, you have to ensure that the packaging is intact. No product will be accepted if it has a damaged packaging or if it is damaged in any other way. In case of any poisoning or allergies associated with the products, Whiz Laboratories does not hold any liabilities as this website is solely for providing information about the products and selling the products. Medical advice or prescriptions for using the products are not provided by Whiz Laboratories. Hence, your usage of the products is strictly your own decision and you alone stand by the consequences in case of adverse effects.